Customer Testimonials

"We love the next day delivery service. It means we do not need to carry too much stock"
NG, Buckinghamshire

"We are very happy with the service. I did use a competitor for a short while. But they could not match Specflue's quality of products or service"
PW, Lincolnshire

"I am extremely happy with the service and products offered by Specflue"
CP, West Yorkshire

"What makes Specflue different is its speed, service and reliability. Specflue deserve all the success they have had, with the effort that they continuously put in."
GSL, Derbyshire

"We are very pleased with the support and service that we receive from Specflue. We have had other suppliers try to work with us, but Specflue has always been the best for us."
CR, London

"There is nothing that Specflue could improve. They have got it pretty well sewn up! Well Done!"
BLA, Surrey

"I have never had any problems with Specflue. They always do their best to help."
CC, London

"Deliveries are always very fast and punctual"
HES, East Anglia

"Specflue have a very helpful sales team that always give good advice."
PM, Norwich

"Excellent company, providing top class products."
KW, Norfolk

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