Centrotherm cascade chimney systems

Centrotherm cascade chimney systems

Centrotherm cascade chimney systems are suitable for under and over pressure operation with Max. number of boilers depends on capacity, availability of non return valve and fan characteristics etc.

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Centrotherm collective chimney flue gas systems

Centrotherm collective chimney flue gas systems

Centrotherm has an easy to install product with excellent performance, a modular PP-based system in diameter DN110. This product is sold in many European countries during the last years. Many installers, principles and advisers gave very positive feedback.

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Centrotherm chimney renovation systems

Centrotherm chimney renovation systems

The majority of central heating boilers sold today replace low efficiency boilers. An important point to take into account is that brick built chimneys along with thin wall aluminum systems do not withstand the aggressive condensate produced by the condensing boilers.

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Centrotherm Plastic

Centrotherm's successful involvement in the area of plastic flue systems dates back to the mid 1990s; these activities have decisively promoted the spread of energy efficient technologies such as condensing boiler technology.

Gas and oil condensing boiler systems cut energy consumption by up to 35% by recovering energy from the flue gas through a process of condensation.

Plastic systems have already largely cornered the market in the field of condensing boiler technology.

The centrotherm plastic product range currently comprises over 1,000 components, protected by numerous patents and permits. In addition to the condensing systems, the centrotherm plastic range offers solutions for up to 120°C gas and oil-fired heating systems. 


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