Chimney Maintenance Ancillaries

Chimney Cleaning Logs

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Independent test results demonstrate that using chimney cleaning logs (CCL) can reduce creosote deposits in woodburning stoves and flues. The CCL in a fireplace can render the creosote more brittle and lower volatile organic compounds in the chimney. Subsequent mechanical sweepings are easier, cleaner and more effective. Whether using an open fire or wood / multifuel stove, a brick, lined or stainless steel twin wall chimney, a CCL will help to prevent a chimney fire. It even insures you and your home against it.

Chimney Balloons

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The Chimney Balloon is a very simple and effective way of blocking chimneys when not in use. It stops draughts and wasted heat going straight up the chimney.

A room with a blocked chimney needs only about half the heat compared to a room with an open chimney, so it makes sense to fit one in every chimney that is not in everyday use.

The Chimney Balloon is made in a special laminate of three plastics to make it air tight, tear resistant and long lasting. It also has a special shape that allows ventilation in two corners, to keep your chimney dry. Using a Chimney Balloon is completely safe and if accidentally heated it shrivels and deflates.

Protech Advancd Recording Inspection Camera

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This little camera is a fantastic device for the inspection of chimneys, flues and other appliances. 

  • 5.5 metre waterproof and chemical resistant camera with a standard 1.5 metre pipe
  • 5 metre extensions available
  • Video recording and instant thumbnail playback capability
  • Image management system
  • SD recording; up to 32GB and USB port
  • 8 x digital zoom with one handed soft wheel controls operation
  • Multilingual
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • Magnetic base
  • Built-in microphone and digital speaker



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