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Isokern is a natural insulator. This unique property separates Isokern from all other chimney materials.
The insulating properties of Isokern allow the flue gases in the chimney to quickly reach
their optimum temperature enabling the heating appliance to reach its optimum performance
shortly after lighting.  The chimney also remains warmer for longer as the heat output of the appliance decreases; aiding performance and reducing the likelihood of condensation and soot build-up.

Resistant to temperature change
Isokern has very little expansion and contraction with temperature change. This reduces the possibility of
cracking and structural damage that can occur with other products.

High Insulation Properties
Isokern is a natural insulator, able to maintain the temperature of flue gases when other products have
allowed the temperature to fall below the dew point.

Isokern is strong yet lightweight allowing one person to lift and build the chimney units. 


Product Range

Isokern products can be used for both new chimneys and for the refurbishment of existing chimneys. The Isokern chimney system provides a lightweight, easily installed and versatile chimney which can be used both internally or externally. The systems are suitable for use with burning appliances in both new and refurbished projects. They are ideal for masonry, timber frame and steel frame construction.

Double Module
The Isokern Double Module block system is a quality chimney system, used extensively in Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. The double wall system maintains flue gas temperatures while preventing heat transfer to the outer casing. The separation of the inner and outer components also allows for thermal movement, reducing the risk of cracking and subsequent leaking or staining. It is simple and quick to build. The Double
Module is available in 3 outer casing sizes - DM36, DM44 & DM54.

Flue Liners
The Isokern flue liner range consists of over 17 different sizes. They can be used for newbuild, extensions and relining existing chimneys. 

The Isokern range of firechests are supplied as flat packs. They can be easily and quickly constructed to produce a neat and pre-formed fire opening ready for finishing. The Magnum Firechest provides the opportunity to create fire openings up to 1.2m wide.



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