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IL is a factory-made twin-wall gas vent system comprising a range of straight lengths and associated fittings and accessories. It is constructed with an aluminium liner protected by an outer casing of Zalutite.

An air gap between the outer casing and the inner lining insulates the vent and thus ensures a strong draft at the start of firing to minimise condensation. The resulting low external temperature under operating conditions permits installation with only 50mm (2in) clearance to combustible materials.

Lengths and fittings lock together positively to provide a strong rigid flue system and to ensure maximum ease of site assembly. It is available in three diameters from 100mm to 150mm.

The IL gas vent is suitable for gas appliances, typically in domestic or small commercial installations, with draughthoods or with a flue gas temperature not exceeding 250°C and zero or negative pressure in the flue.

  • Aluminium inner/zalutite outer twinwall gas vent
  • Internal and limited external usage - Atmospheric gas fired appliances only
  • Residential and commercial installations
  • 6mm air gap cavity
  • Diameters from 100mm to 150mm
  • CE Approved EN 1856-1 Designation T250 N1 D Vm L11030 O50

Product Description

All lengths and fittings are available with the outer casing fabricated from Zalutite. The inner liner is aluminium. Vertical seams are rolled and securely locked. The inner and outer casing are joined at one end only and a 6mm air gap is incorporated: the inner liner is thus free to expand as the temperature changes in the vent.



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