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What Is Solar Thermal? 
Solar thermal is the means by which solar energy is captured directly from the sun; to heat water and supplement domestic hot water demands. 

Why Invest In Solar Thermal?

  • Solar thermal helps to provide hot water throughout the year.  Even on cold days when the sun is shining, hot water can still be produced. 
  • Solar thermal is a renewable form of energy, providing a stable resource and a reduced carbon footprint. 
  • Sunlight is a free resource.  Once the initial installation has been paid for, hot water costs will be greatly reduced.  Solar thermal can provide up to 80% of a home's hot water needs annually. 

How Does Solar Thermal Work? 
Solar thermal uses a flat plate solar panel (called a collector) which is fitted to the roof of a building.  Inside the solar collector are coils of copper pipe, which with the addition of sunlight, heat up the water that is slowly moving inside them. 

Once the transfer fluid reaches the required temperature it is pumped to the heat exchanger in a large storage tank (known as a thermal store).  The transfer fluid gives off its heat into the hot water via the heat exchanger.  The hot water remains in the thermal store for domestic hot water needs. 

Once the temperature of the water within the thermal store falls below a set temperature, the pump starts up and the process is repeated to heat up the water again. 

Solar collectors are very efficient at converting solar radiation into heat.  The ideal orientation for the solar collector is south, with a pitch of between 35° and 45° for a single array.  However, in some instances this ideal 'south' orientation is not possible.  In these situations, the collectors are then divided into 'two arrays' - one on each roof side - known as 'east west' configuration for maximum exposure in daylight hours. 

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