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  • 316 iner / 304 outer stainless steel twinwall insulated
  • Push fit twin wall system secured with locking bands
  • Internal and external use
  • All fuels - including condensing with optional seals
  • 25mm mineral fibre insulation
  • Available 130, 150, 180 and 200mm diameter
  • CE approved EN 1856-1 Designation No selas T450 N1 D V2 L50050 G50 without seals T200 P1 W V2 L50050 G50

Product Description

iFlue has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of multi-functional applications for a variety of fuels. The system provides an economical and robust twin wall insulated stainless steel chimney system offering high material specification, design, manufacturing quality, thermal performance and ease of installation. iFlue is suitable for negative draught conditions where the maximum continuous flue gas temperature does not exceed 450°C (550°C Intermittent) and is soot fire rated at 1000°C. Where used on wet or applications requiring a positive pressure capability, such as condensing appliances, the iFlue product can be fitted with an optional elastomer seal. The elastomer seals are fitted at each joint and provide a positive pressure capability of up to 200Pa at a maximum flue gas temperature of 200°C, offering full condensate resistance.

iFlue is available in six internal diameters, ranging from 100mm to 250mm, and consists of Lengths, Fittings and Support components. Each chimney element is fabricated with a fully welded 316L (1.4404:X2CrNiMo 17-12-2) stainless steel inner liner and a grade 304 (1.4301:X5CrNi 18-10) outer case. The 25mm annulus between the two walls is insulated with a high thermal performance auger injected mineral fibre to a mean density of 250Kg/m3. All flue gas carrying components are joined together with a simple push fit joint with the male end providing a slight taper to ensure ease of installation, while the 30mm of engagement offers a strong structural joint. The joint must then be finished with a Locking Band, which is included with the component.


iFlue is designed to be used both internally and externally as a fully supported structure, and must be installed in accordance with National and Local Building Regulations and Standards. Where iFlue is being used on a wet system such as a chimney system serving a high efficiency condensing boiler, adequate provision must be made for the removal of condensates from the system. To encourage adequate drainage of condensates through the system, no sections of the system should run at an angle of less than 5° from the horizontal. The range includes specific components including a Condensate Collector, 95° Tee and 85° Elbow, all to enable the chimney system to be installed so that condensation will run back through the system to suitable drainage points.

Technical Support

As leading suppliers with over 30 years experience, Specflue have a wealth of technical knowledge and understanding of chimney design. Using the latest CAD and flow modelling software, Specflue can offer fast analysis of conceptual chimney designs to the latest European Standards. Specflue can also offer assistance with other areas of legislation regarding Building Regulations, Clean Air Act and Installation Standards covering chimney systems. Where applicable, calculations to the Clean Air Act Memorandum can also be undertaken. In all cases full technical details and drawings must be submitted with requirement to Specflue Technical Support.

As iFlue is manufactured in the UK, Specflue are ideally placed to offer rapid production of bespoke and custom components to meet the demands of today’s installation requirements. Whether it is a special angled elbow or a complete multi-inlet manifold, Specflue is your key strategic partner for professional, high quality engineered solutions.


Specflue undertakes for a period of fifteen years from the date of installation, to deliver to site free of charge any part or parts* of the flue system which fail due to faulty materials or manufacture, except to the extent that the failure is caused or contributed to by non compliance with the conditions below, and instructions within the iFlue Product and Installation Brochure. Further, on any agreed claim, Specflue will reimburse the labour cost associated with the removal of any faulty part or system, and subsequent reinstatement, up to the cost of the original system on presentation of an appropriate invoice.

*With the exception of sacrificial parts as listed in the iFlue Product and Installation Brochure, which are covered by a  separate twelve month manufacturing defects warranty.



  • IFlue Twin Wall System

    IFlue Twin Wall System

  • IFlue Wall Support

    IFlue Wall Support

  • IFlue Adjustable Length Short

    IFlue Adjustable Length Short

  • IFlue 90˚ Bend

    IFlue 90˚ Bend

  • IFlue 490 Length

    IFlue 490 Length

  • Prima Plus to IFlue Adaptor

    Prima Plus to IFlue Adaptor

  • Iflue Roof Support

    Iflue Roof Support

  • IFlue Locking Band

    IFlue Locking Band

  • IFlue Adjustable Length Long

    IFlue Adjustable Length Long

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