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Back in January of 2003 the Boat Safety Scheme, (BSS), commissioned a report focusing on safety aspects relating to solid fuel heating within the boating sector– and as is so often the case it threw up numerous notable facts.

Whilst confirming that there was a steadily increasing market for stoves for small craft it showed that some 33% were being fitted by D.I.Y. boat owners, who may hold no experience or qualification. At that time between 75 to 80% of existing steel narrow boats had solid fuel/wood burning stoves (this estimated that there are around 14000 of these boats on UK waterways). As regards hazards there were approximately 15 significant reported fire incidents per year – based on insurance claims – and two significant carbon monoxide (CO) reported incidents per year albeit significantly more fire and CO incidents go unreported and these fire and CO incidents are above average for land based dwellings.

The report concluded with a note that no national or international agreed standards exist for installation, maintenance or use of solid fuel & wood stoves in marine situations. The overall situation is starkly highlighted by the facts that figures for 2007 show a leap to 78 safety incidents comprised of 71 fires or explosions and seven carbon monoxide leaks - and already this year the overall figure stands at 50.

Absolutely every aspect will be covered - including many which you probably hadn't even thought of or knew about - including type of permissible fuel; clearance to combustible materials; flue data such as diameter, heights and ceiling & roof penetration; ventilation; testing; CO alarm requirements and stove sizes; good practice and maintenance.

The only "cost" as such is the important purchase of the BS document and attending the Specflue course is a guaranteed investment in your safety and peace of mind and the value of your boat. In a phrase, it's lovely to mess about in boats - this course will prevent you from making a mess of your boat. For complete information - and details of Specflue's range of TermaTech wood burning stoves and Fire Angel CO alarms - please contact 0800 9020220.

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