Check your stove, open fire and flue

As the air now carries an autumnal nip in the mornings and evening, it will not be long before we experience the first frosts of the season, and be lighting our stoves and open fires.

Just remember a few safety points before the first lighting of this season;

  • If possible to complete a visual check of the flue or chimney, then do so
  • A pair of binoculars will allow you to look at your chimney cowl and ensure all is in good order
  • Remember to remove your Chimney Balloon before lighting an open fire
  • Test your carbon monoxide alarm
  • Before loading up your stove or open fire with fuel, light a smoke pellet, and ensure that the smoke evacuates out and up the flue or chimney, this could highlight any blockages, such as bird nests, etc.
  • Always start the first fire as a gradual small fire, remember there may be some smell as dust burns off items that have not been hot for some six months
  • Feel the chimney breast in the bedroom above, checking for any hot spots, which could indicate a problem
  • Check that stove doors and vents open and close freely and securely
  • Remember that wood used must be seasoned or kiln dried with a moisture content below 20%
  • Check your flue warranty T&C’s, some require sweeping twice a year, so now would be an ideal time to book an approved chimney sweep
  • If in any doubt about safety, extinguish the fire and seek professional advice
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