The New Termatech TT20 Range

The Termatech TT20 range are free standing stoves designed for open plan rooms, extensions, kitchen & dining rooms and conservatories.

Their Scandinavian contemporary design creates a modern heat source with exceptionally high efficiency (83%). Available in black or grey this clean lined appliance compliments any modern living space. With an output of 5kw the Termatech range can provide either background heat or a primary heat source for a room up to 70 cubic metres.

Termatech stoves are wood burning appliances which appeal to home owners who are concerned about the rising cost of gas. Good quality wood burnt in a Termatech stove burns cleanly with little ash and converts a significant amount of fuel to heat. The Termatech stoves have a cast iron base and door, ensuring any parts of the stove that come into direct contact with the fire are robust and able to cope with the rigours of the combustion process. With a large glass door the home owner has a great view of the fire. Deigned with the latest air wash technology the glass remains clear during the burning process and the view of the fire remains uninterrupted.  With precise engineering fantastic control over the fire and heat output is achieved. The appliance has a stay cool handle allowing the user to open the stove to reload without the use of gloves.

The TT20 has a turntable door, which sits at the base of the stove, ideal for covering the log store. The door pivots through 180 degrees and has a set of fire tools fitted to it. This companion set is hidden in the stove allowing the user to clean and maintain the stove yet keep the clean lines to their room without any stove accessories on view.

The Termatech TT20 range requires a chimney to vent the smoke from the appliance and advice should be sought from a Termatech distributor / retailer on the correct location to site one.  The stoves need to be installed by a HETAS registered installer to ensure the installation complies with building regulations.

A full list of Termatech retailers can be found at

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